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What is the difference between a Shared & Dedicated IP? How do I get Port Access? What type of SSL Certificate is right for me?
Knowledgebase Article 390,856 views tags: ip port secure

How to Purchase a Dedicated IP
Knowledgebase Article 272,379 views tags: addon ip

How to fix inaccessible backups on Dedicated or VPS servers due to backup size.
Knowledgebase Article 32,350 views tags: backup dedi dedicated inaccessible loop stuck vps

This article will explain how to use RoR through passenger on a hosting account
Knowledgebase Article 100,235 views tags: dedicated passenger redmine ruby vps

This article will explain how to disable SSLv3 on a VPS or Dedicated server. This can help you avoid issues with vulnerabilities in SSLv3.
Knowledgebase Article 36,251 views tags: dedi dedicated ssl vps

I cannot make an outbound connection from my script
Knowledgebase Article 131,707 views tags: ip outgoing port

Why am I unable to use the fsockopen function?
Knowledgebase Article 172,771 views tags: ip port

What if my website becomes too popular, or is on the front page of Digg, Reddit, or similar site?
Knowledgebase Article 175,409 views tags: dedicated hosting popular resources shared

Understanding Internet email headers.
Knowledgebase Article 170,924 views tags: email full header ip partial

How do I Whitelist my IP Address? I can't log into MySQL from a remote computer using a MySQL admin tool (phpMyAdmin, Navicat, MySQLFront, MySQL-Admin, etc).
Knowledgebase Article 202,380 views tags: address ip list remote white whitelist

The hosts file is a plain text file that allows you to set IP Addresses for a domain on your computer. This may override authoritative DNS.
Knowledgebase Article 12,485 views tags: admin development dns file hosts ip test

How to generate and use SSH Keys
Knowledgebase Article 138,650 views tags: dedicated ssh

Definition of an A Record
Knowledgebase Article 656,599 views tags: a dns file host ip record zone

Using WordPress with the Temporary URL
Knowledgebase Article 574,667 views tags: blog domain ip press resolve resolving staging temp temporary url word wordpress wrong

What is a Public IP Address?
Knowledgebase Article 200,017 views tags: ip public

What is an IP address?
Knowledgebase Article 94,796 views tags: ip

This article will explain how to utilize the IP Deny Manager tool in cPanel.
Knowledgebase Article 106,737 views tags: block deny ip ips manager

This article outlines what to do if you find your local IP address has been blacklisted.
Knowledgebase Article 59,825 views tags: access addresses anti blacklist blacklisted blocked denied ip local malware

This article discusses some measures you can take to secure a Dedicated or VPS server
Knowledgebase Article 36,127 views tags: dedi security vps

My process for my script / program is timing out after 10 minutes.

What are the Error Logs?
Knowledgebase Article 181,924 views tags: logs

General Information about SSL Certificates
Knowledgebase Article 421,734 views tags: accept card cert certs credit ecommerce encryption layer online payments secure shopping socket

Is SSH/Shell access enabled by default?
Knowledgebase Article 622,502 views tags: bash command line secure shell ssh

I need to have an SSL 3rd Party Certificate installed for my domain.
Knowledgebase Article 347,398 views tags: certificate ssl

This article will explain how to run php and other file types using Cron jobs.
Knowledgebase Article 402,682 views tags: cron file jobs php

Information on what the limits are concerning inodes
Knowledgebase Article 71,398 views tags: inode

A guide on performing a standard SQL query using the phpMyAdmin interface
Knowledgebase Article 74,870 views tags: databases mysql phpmyadmin

How to Purchase a Comodo Private SSL
Knowledgebase Article 190,097 views tags: ssl

This article will explain how and when to contact SiteLock for support.
Knowledgebase Article 69,323 views tags: security sitelock

This article will go over different application available for remote connection to your databases.
Knowledgebase Article 119,829 views tags: database mysql

Prices and features of Cloud Hosting
Knowledgebase Article 40,654 views tags: cloud hosting pricing

How to renew an existing SSL certificate--or purchase a new one, within your cPanel
Knowledgebase Article 210,347 views tags: cert certificate layer secure security socket ssl

How to manage CloudFlare on your FastDomain account.
Knowledgebase Article 235,339 views tags: cloudflare dns

Clients in China are unable to view my website. My website's content doesn't contain any objectionable material.

I need to have an SSL Self-Signed Certificate installed for my domain.
Knowledgebase Article 210,566 views tags: secure ssl

Email is not being received when forwarded to free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail and other ISP's that provide email service such as AOL, Comcast, Cox, etc. It can show completed in t
Knowledgebase Article 170,022 views tags: email forward

The website is taking a long time to load. It just seems slower today than normal.
Knowledgebase Article 358,023 views tags: site slow web website

FastDomain offers a number of great shared web hosting products and plans that fit all different types of budgets. View our price comparison chart today!
Knowledgebase Article 4,200,777 views tags: faq price pricing shared

Sender Policy Framework records, or SPF records are a type of DNS record used to identify which mail servers should be allowed to send email from a certain domain name.
Knowledgebase Article 107,367 views tags: email prevent spf spoof spoofing

How can I change the primary domain name on my account?
Knowledgebase Article 1,072,131 views tags: account change domain primary rename

How do I change my contract length?
Knowledgebase Article 165,798 views tags: change contract hosting length package payment

How do I setup an addon domain or parked domain in my hosting account?
Knowledgebase Article 701,631 views tags: addon domains parked

FAQ related to FastDomain SEO Tools
Knowledgebase Article 40,941 views tags: faq marketing seo tools

How do I remotely connect using a database management software?
Knowledgebase Article 828,356 views tags: connection database mysqlfront remote

WordPress Pro provides users with elevated server resources and customer support beyond what is expected in traditional shared hosting platforms.
Knowledgebase Article 22,150 views tags: details features hosting pricing pro shared wordpress wp

Learn how the Cron Job tool can help you automate the scripts on your web site.
Video "How-to" Tutorial 242,770 views tags: cpanelutilities cron

How do I update my renewal settings?
Knowledgebase Article 296,356 views tags: account settings

What is CPU Protection
Knowledgebase Article 281,148 views tags: cpu database mysql optimize peak performance query script slow

A list of frequently asked questions about the upgrade to the newest version of Weebly
Knowledgebase Article 47,796 views tags: Weebly builder drag drop site upgrade