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How do I modify my nameservers?
Knowledgebase Article 1,749,748 views tags: dns nameservers

How Do I Add/Edit DNS settings for my cNAME, ARecord and TXT entries?
Knowledgebase Article 720,878 views tags: dns

Definition of an A Record
Knowledgebase Article 458,133 views tags: a dns record zone

Definition of a CNAME
Knowledgebase Article 388,229 views tags: cname dns zone

What are the commonly used DNS entries?
Knowledgebase Article 364,570 views tags: a aaaa cname dns record srv txt zone

How to modify name servers with bought domain through FastDomain.
Knowledgebase Article 337,975 views tags: dns domain manager nameservers servers

I would like to change my MX Record so I can use a mail server with another provider.
Knowledgebase Article 297,280 views tags: dns email exchanger local mail mx remote routing

How do I Change My DNS?
Knowledgebase Article 238,572 views tags: change delegate dns modify

Can I make subdomains for my addon domains on the account?
Knowledgebase Article 226,382 views tags: add addon dns domain park subdomain

Definition of a TXT Record
Knowledgebase Article 221,103 views tags: dns record txt zone

Once I Register a Domain, How Long Does it Take to Become Active?
Knowledgebase Article 198,546 views tags: dns domain register

Definition of an MX Entry
Knowledgebase Article 184,911 views tags: dns entry mx zone

How to manage CloudFlare on your FastDomain account.
Knowledgebase Article 174,678 views tags: cloudflare dns

Definition of an SRV Record
Knowledgebase Article 141,060 views tags: dns record srv zone

How do I flush my DNS cache?
Knowledgebase Article 132,701 views tags: dns dnsflush flush ipconfig network

A definition of AAAA Records
Knowledgebase Article 130,012 views tags: aaaa dns record zone

Do you support wildcard subdomains or wildcard DNS entries?
Knowledgebase Article 115,194 views tags: dns domain subdomain wildcard zone

You need two things to have a successful website and professional email: a domain registration and a hosting account.
Knowledgebase Article 28,185 views tags: dns domain domains nameservers servers