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How to fix inaccessible backups on Dedicated or VPS servers due to backup size.
Knowledgebase Article 35,605 views tags: backup dedi dedicated inaccessible loop stuck vps

How to backup individual files or folders with the Site Backup Pro tool
Knowledgebase Article 525,788 views tags: backup restore

How often do you backup my site? When do automated backups take place?
Knowledgebase Article 177,633 views tags: automated backup backups

How to backup all of your MySQL databases using the Site Backup & Restore tool
Knowledgebase Article 122,954 views tags: backup database mysql restore site

How to restore individual files or folders with the Site Backup & Restore tool
Knowledgebase Article 241,651 views tags: backup files folders restore site

How do I create a MySQL backup?
Knowledgebase Article 245,403 views tags: backup database mysql

The Support PIN can be used to validate legacy customer accounts.
Knowledgebase Article 14,214 views tags: account pin support validation

How to manage your backups using Site Backup and Restore
Knowledgebase Article 141,039 views tags: backup restore

What is the FastDomain backup policy? What kinds of backups are available?
Knowledgebase Article 193,054 views tags: accounts back backup backups copy expired policy restore storage

This article will explain how to disable SSLv3 on a VPS or Dedicated server. This can help you avoid issues with vulnerabilities in SSLv3.
Knowledgebase Article 39,583 views tags: dedi dedicated ssl vps

How to restore Email Messages the Site Backup Pro tool
Knowledgebase Article 138,847 views tags: backup email forwarders restore site

How to restore MySQL databases using the Site Backup & Restore tool
Knowledgebase Article 117,517 views tags: backup database mysql restore site

How do I import a backup of my database (.sql file) using phpMyAdmin?
Knowledgebase Article 612,981 views tags: database mysql phpmyadmin

This article will explain how to use WordPress Tools to backup or restore your WordPress site
Knowledgebase Article 92,805 views tags: backup restore wordpresstools

How do I restore my old hosting provider backup onto FastDomain?
Knowledgebase Article 128,992 views tags: backup restore

This article explains how to get started using CodeGuard to backup and restore your website file and database data.
Knowledgebase Article 13,641 views tags: addons backup codeguard restore tools

When you purchase a website transfer, you may need to upload and share a backup of their website with professional services. This article will explain how to share a backup using DropBox or Google Drive.

Many popular website platforms use PHP for rendering their content. It’s common for these sites to have automatic update tools to ensure that they work with the latest version of PHP, however sometimes a theme or plugin for these services may prevent them from updating or may not work with a newer
Knowledgebase Article 5,202 views tags: deprecation discontinue end php upgrade

This article discusses some measures you can take to secure a Dedicated or VPS server
Knowledgebase Article 40,801 views tags: dedi security vps

How to set up an email account on a legacy Android-based device.
Getting Started Article 63,130 views tags: android email google phone

How do I update my renewal settings?
Knowledgebase Article 313,314 views tags: account settings

What is CPU Protection
Knowledgebase Article 286,070 views tags: cpu database mysql optimize peak performance query script slow

Is SSH/Shell access enabled by default?
Knowledgebase Article 642,550 views tags: bash command line secure shell ssh

This article will explain how to use RoR through passenger on a hosting account
Knowledgebase Article 103,215 views tags: dedicated passenger redmine ruby vps

How can I change the primary domain name on my account?
Knowledgebase Article 1,124,760 views tags: account change domain primary rename

This article will explain how to run php and other file types using Cron jobs.
Knowledgebase Article 408,589 views tags: cron file jobs php

I need to have an SSL 3rd Party Certificate installed for my domain.
Knowledgebase Article 355,440 views tags: certificate ssl

Sender Policy Framework records, or SPF records are a type of DNS record used to identify which mail servers should be allowed to send email from a certain domain name.
Knowledgebase Article 123,849 views tags: email prevent spf spoof spoofing

Prices and features of Cloud Hosting
Knowledgebase Article 50,949 views tags: cloud hosting pricing

Learn how to create an email account associated with your domain name
Video "How-to" Tutorial 1,694,383 views tags: account cpanel cpanelmail email webmail

How do I change my Control Panel password?
Knowledgebase Article 1,254,599 views tags: change cpanel password passwords protect

A tutorial on how to perminately delete columns from your mySQL database using phpMyAdmin
Knowledgebase Article 82,609 views tags: Plesk cpanel databases mysql phpmyadmin

What are the Error Logs?
Knowledgebase Article 187,703 views tags: logs

General Information about SSL Certificates
Knowledgebase Article 431,435 views tags: accept card cert certs credit ecommerce encryption layer online payments secure shopping socket

The first step in the process requires a WordPress theme, preferably one that includes a one-click demo import. Any of the FastDomain Certified Themes on FastDomain should come with this feature.
Knowledgebase Article 5,976 views tags: MOJO Marketplace demo install press setup theme word wordpress

How to manage CloudFlare on your FastDomain account.
Knowledgebase Article 248,061 views tags: cloudflare dns

How can I cancel my hosting account?
Knowledgebase Article 867,362 views tags: cancel credit guarantee prorate

This article will explain how to clean up meta data in a WordPress database.
Knowledgebase Article 49,270 views tags: wordpress

POP POP, also known as POP3, is an E-mail protocol that is used when people wish to have a copy of their E-mail messages, along with any attachments, to be downloaded to their computer for viewing. D
Getting Started Article 200,586 views tags: email

You have invested a significant amount of time creating and perfecting your website, and you're ready to publish it for the world to see! Are you really though? Use this checklist to ensure your site is ready for publication.
Knowledgebase Article 4,239 views tags: checklist guide list practice publication publish site website

How do I change the PHP environment for my site with php.ini?
Knowledgebase Article 646,890 views tags: configuration ini php server

How do I view my Receipts and Payment History
Knowledgebase Article 207,794 views tags: billing invoice payment receipt

A guide on performing a standard SQL query using the phpMyAdmin interface
Knowledgebase Article 83,928 views tags: databases mysql phpmyadmin

FastDomain offers a number of great shared web hosting products and plans that fit all different types of budgets. View our price comparison chart today!
Knowledgebase Article 4,395,248 views tags: faq price pricing shared

This article will explain where email is stored in your system directory.
Knowledgebase Article 70,860 views tags: backup email folder maildir mbox

Can I make subdomains for my addon domains on the account?
Knowledgebase Article 343,004 views tags: add addon dns domain park subdomain

Explains how to edit the .htaccess
Knowledgebase Article 225,133 views tags: htaccess

Tips and tricks to make your WordPress blog load faster
Knowledgebase Article 140,696 views tags: optimizing wordpress

Server Status FAQ's

A brief description of the JustCloud storage service.
Knowledgebase Article 51,580 views tags: backup justcloud

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