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Using Horde Groupware


Allows access to your Inbox, Filters, New Message and the Advanced Search tool.

Gear Cog - Preferences

Quick access to your Preferences and additional Help on using Horde.


Ends your Horde session, completely logging you out of webmail.

New Message

Compose new messages.


A convenient way to search all of your messages. The downward facing arrow allows you to define which parts of the email to search, including an advanced search.

Filter Messages

Granular filters based on many variables.

Message Managment

Choose what to do with a message (e.g. Delete, Blacklist, Redirect, ect.) and if to Show/Hide deleted messages.

Select All

Click to select all of the messages in your inbox, please be aware that this will select all of your emails.

From, Subject, Date and Size

Clicking these title will sort from Ascending to Descending and vice-versa.

IMAP Folders

These are the other IMAP folders currently used on your account. These folders are accessible in Horde as well as any other email client using IMAP, e.g., Outlook, Thunderbird, mobile devices, ect.

Using Horde

How to Compose a New Email

  1. From the Mail section of Horde, click New Message.
  2.  New Message button
  3. A new window will open to compose your email.
  4. Compose Email Window
  5. Once you have composed your message, click Send.
    The Send button

Your message will be available for you to view in your Sent folder.

Please note, if you have a signature for your email, it won't appear in the compose window, but it will be sent with your message.

Create a new Calendar Event

  1. From Horde, click Calendar, then choose New Event.
  2. Give your event a title.
  3. Specify the Date and Time of the event as well as ensure the Timezone is correct.
  4. There are more ways that you can customize your event, such as adding a location, description, reminder, repeat, URL, attendees, and tags.
  5. Once ready to create the event, click Save.

You can view your event in your calendar as well as in your Agenda. It will show up green on your calendar.

Create a new Contact

  1. Click Address Book, then choose New Contact and In Address book of your email address.
  2. Enter the information of your contact, including First and Last name.
  3. You can enter their email address under the Communications tab.
  4. Once you have entered the contact information, click Add.

You can also quickly add a contact from an email. Click the email to display it in your bottom window. Then, click the sender’s email address and choose Add to Address Book.

Create Contact from Email

To view your contacts, you can select your address book from the Address Book tab.

Fixes for Common Issues

I can't see my delete email

To view the deleted emails you will need to choose Show Deleted from the Other menu.

I can't see my signature

You're signature can be viewed in the Personal Information section of Preferences. To view, or modify, this signature, You will need to go to Preferences => Mail => Personal Information. When you are composing a new email it will not be visible, but it will be included in your sent email.

Where did my Calendar go?

When Horde was upgraded to Groupware 5.1.1 the existing calendars were not imported. We are investigating the issue to see if there is a way to import those existing calendars.

Compatibility View is breaking Horde Groupware

If you are receiving an error message about Internet Explorer's Compatibility View causing issues with Horde, please see the second example in this article on disabling Compatibility View: How to use Compatibility View in Internet Explorer

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