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Facebook API Change - oEmbed

On October 24. 2020, an API change will cause unauthenticated Facebook and Instagram links across the web to break. To fix broken links and continue using oEmbed, users will need to generate an app ID with a developer account.

What is oEmbed?

For over 10 years, Facebook oEmbed has made it easy for users to share media across websites and social networks without having to worry about any coding. Facebook security updates will now require users to acquire developer app credentials in order to embed content that could previously be embedded with just a URL.

To learn more about this API change, please see WP Tavern's article: WordPress to Remove Facebook and Instagram oEmbed Providers.

How will this impact me? 

While this might not directly impact your website, many plugins are dependent on oEmbed, which will cause any unauthenticated content embedded from Facebook/Instagram to break.

What can I do?

If you notice that content previously embedded has broken following this change, you can use Jetpack or Smash Balloon to address the issue.

Using Jetpack

Jetpack has partnered directly with Facebook to handle developer ID creation on the back-end. If a user activates Jetpack and connects their website to their Facebook account, as outlined in this article, the plugin will handle the process of registering a Facebook developer account, creating an app, and providing a token all through their service.

Using Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon already has a developer account and has found a way to share that with their users.

  • Users who already use Smash Balloon simply need to upgrade their plugin installation.
  • Users who are interested in installing Smash Balloon can do so, and then follow these steps:
    1. Navigate to Smash Ballon’s Facebook / Instagram feed plugin in the WordPress dashboard.
    2. Click the oEmbed navigation menu.
    3. Click on the Connect button.

To learn more, check out this article on fixing the Facebook and Instagram oEmbed issue with Smash Balloon.

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