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How do I change my contract length?
Knowledgebase Article 155,053 views tags: change contract hosting length package payment

This article will explain how to change or reset the password for a MySQL user.
Knowledgebase Article 41,440 views tags: change mysql password reset user

Where do I Change my Mailbox (Size) Quota? How do I Increase or Decrease Mailbox (Storage) Quota?
Knowledgebase Article 254,210 views tags: account change decrease email increase mailbox quota size

How can I change the primary domain name on my account?
Knowledgebase Article 1,012,471 views tags: account change domain primary rename

How do I Change My DNS?
Knowledgebase Article 297,749 views tags: change delegate dns modify

How do I change my Control Panel password?
Knowledgebase Article 1,045,961 views tags: change cpanel password passwords protect

How to change the name of your WordPress site without WP Tools
Knowledgebase Article 30,919 views tags: change domain update wordpress

How to reset various passwords associated with your account
Knowledgebase Article 10,027 views tags: change password reset update

How to reset the password for FTP users.
Knowledgebase Article 8,289 views tags: change ftp password reset update

I need to be able to change the port used by Eudora for incoming or outgoing mail.
Knowledgebase Article 116,976 views tags: eudora port ports

Instructions to set different character sets in HTML. Note: Not all character sets will be correctly rendered with this encoding format, but most will. You can find specific information about which ch
Knowledgebase Article 103,403 views tags: arabic change character chinese html japanese language languages sets

The WHOIS database shows my personal information for my .us domain names. How do I get privacy for the .us domain?
Knowledgebase Article 148,076 views tags: change domain extension privacy private whois

This article will explain how to change your WordPress Urls
Video "How-to" Tutorial 191,172 views tags: login temp troubleshooting urls wordpress

How can I change the outgoing SMTP port from 25 to 26?
Knowledgebase Article 401,068 views tags: email outgoing port send sending smtp

This article will explain how to change the Site URL or Home URL setting in WordPress. This may be useful if you have moved your WordPress site or are planning to move your WordPress site.
Knowledgebase Article 111,525 views tags: home site url wordpress wordpresstools

How to change your PHP version in your hosting account
Knowledgebase Article 464,275 views tags: config php selection version

This article explains changes you may notice on your invoices
Knowledgebase Article 11,424 views tags: billing eig invoice prefix receipt

I would like to change my MX Record so I can use a mail server with another provider.
Knowledgebase Article 418,178 views tags: dns email exchanger local mail mx remote routing

Can you change a mail list name without deleting it?
Knowledgebase Article 82,492 views tags: lists mail mailman

I am prompted to set a new MySQL password. What does this mean and how do I change it?
Knowledgebase Article 115,369 views tags: connect database mysql password phpmyadmin username

This article explains the name server requirement for using CloudFlare.
Knowledgebase Article 86,214 views tags: cloudflare nameserver

The hosts file is a plain text file that allows you to set IP Addresses for a domain on your computer. This may override authoritative DNS.
Knowledgebase Article 5,619 views tags: admin development dns file hosts ip test

How do I change file permissions?
Knowledgebase Article 214,117 views tags: cgi permissions

How can I change the reported Time Zone using PHP?
Knowledgebase Article 150,055 views tags: time timezone timezones zone

Transfer Domain Registration: When a domain registration is transferred to us, we must register the domain name for a minimum of one (1) year. We only accept registrations for the .com, .net, .org, .
Getting Started Article 681,395 views tags: domain hosting nameservers started transfer

How to setup and use Custom Name Servers with your Domain name
Video "How-to" Tutorial 207,302 views tags: cpanelutilities custom

This article will explain how to change the password for a database in the event that the original password is lost.
Knowledgebase Article 109,449 views tags: database mysql password

How to change a WordPress site's theme from within the Database
Knowledgebase Article 8,407 views tags:

This article will explain how to add a PHP handler to your .htaccess files. This is useful if you want to customize the version of PHP that runs your PHP files.
Knowledgebase Article 191,632 views tags: htaccess php

This article explains how to deactivate, change or delete themes and plugins on a WordPress site without the dashboard.
Knowledgebase Article 110,695 views tags: access dashboard deactivate disable plugin plugins theme themes wordpress

Change the subject of the email sent from the FORM?
Knowledgebase Article 100,661 views tags: mail subject

What is a Fav Icon and How do I change it?
Knowledgebase Article 53,419 views tags: icon

How do I change the PHP environment for my site with php.ini?
Knowledgebase Article 613,441 views tags: configuration php server

Instructions for restting your Email Account's Password through cPanel or Webmail
Knowledgebase Article 399,227 views tags: email forgot password reset webmail

A step by step guide on how to manipulate data in your mySQL tables using phpMyAdmin
Knowledgebase Article 77,748 views tags: databases mysql phpmyadmin

A step-by-step guide to subscribe or unsubscribe to promotional emails.
Knowledgebase Article 38,521 views tags: account settings

WordPress will not correctly display languages other than English.
Knowledgebase Article 92,672 views tags: language wordpress

How do I avoid Outlook IMAP timeout errors?
Knowledgebase Article 188,296 views tags: errors imap outlook

How do I make a sub directory (or sub folder) act as the public_html for your main domain?
Knowledgebase Article 883,990 views tags: Drupal domain htaccess joomla wordpress

Learn how to create an email account associated with your domain name
Video "How-to" Tutorial 1,602,455 views tags: account cpanel cpanelmail email webmail

In December 2016, ICANN implemented a few amendments to their <a href="">Transfer Policy</a>. In addition to regulating inter-registrar transfers for general top-level domains (gTLDs), the updated policy sets new requirements for domain tr
Knowledgebase Article 276,785 views tags: domain ownership transfer

How do I modify my nameservers?
Knowledgebase Article 1,989,878 views tags: dns nameservers

How to Set different character sets with PHP and HTML to display correctly.
Knowledgebase Article 100,653 views tags: arabic character chinese collation japanese language languages mysql php phpmyadmin sets

This article will explain how to connect your scripts to your MySQL databases.
Knowledgebase Article 110,490 views tags: database mysql scripts

500 Internal Server Error when installing via the MOJO Marketplace installer.
Knowledgebase Article 157,632 views tags: cpanel errors htaccess panel php script simpel

Allowing access to Awstats without requiring a cPanel login
Knowledgebase Article 274,692 views tags: awstats

Using WordPress with the Temporary URL
Knowledgebase Article 551,056 views tags: blog domain ip press resolve resolving temp temporary url word wordpress wrong

Editing the address bar icon or favicon.ico
Knowledgebase Article 275,016 views tags: address favico favicon ico icon

I tried to assign a domain through the Domain Manager, but it does not allow me to. What is wrong?
Knowledgebase Article 166,373 views tags: addon domain park parked

Short tutorial on how to set file and user Permissions in cPanel.
Knowledgebase Article 214,975 views tags: file permission permissions rights

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