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FastDomain SEO Tools analyze your website and create an online Marketing Report in an easy to read format, divided into the following topics.


Your Report starts with your overall score; the higher the score the better. The score is calculated with an algorithm that takes into consideration all aspects of your site that influence SEO. Your score can fluctuate a lot, so don’t get too hung up on changes from one day to the next, but focus on completing your tasks in each section.

Search Engine Submissions

FastDomain SEO Tools submit your site to Google, Bing and Yahoo. If your site is brand new, it will usually take some time for your site to be found. It will take at least several months for your site to get a high ranking.


Keep track of the number of visitors you have and where they come from. You can compare it over 15 days, 1 month or 3 months. It may take a while until you have enough visitors to display any data, especially if your site is new.


Check out how your site is ranking with the main search engines; Google, Bing and Yahoo. You can see how well you are doing on the keywords you are tracking and also compare this to your competitors (just toggle the Competitor button).

Site Review

Site review lets you know if your site has any technical issues that you should be aware of, for example a long loading time or a missing SSL certificate. FastDomain SEO Tools also tell you what you could be better and what is already done well.

Search Optimization

Under Search Optimization you can see how friendly your site is to search engines. It checks if the structure of your site is understandable for search engines and whether your titles, links and meta-descriptions are in order.


Continuous, high quality content is the most important component responsible for improving your ranking. FastDomain SEO Tools analyze your content and give tips on what to improve.


An increasing amount of people use mobile devices to search the internet, so it's important that your site also performs well on mobiles or tablets. FastDomain SEO Tools analyze your site and let you know whether it's responsive and loads fast enough.

Popularity is measured by the amount of links there are from other sites to your website. The more your site is linked to from other places, the more visitors you get. Search engines also give better ranking to sites that have a lot of backlinks.

Social Media

How does your site fare in social media? FastDomain SEO Tools track how often your site is shared on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Please keep in mind that the numbers you see are not how many followers you have, or likes your social profile has. The numbers represent how many times your actual website (URL) has been shared across these social platforms. This is important because it demonstrates that your website has content of value that people are willing to share and endorse socially.

See FastDomain SEO Tools FAQ's for more information.

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